Who We Are

Dr. Russell and Stacy Kennedy are your Wellness Guides, working together as an integrative team unifying a comprehensive  approach to health and wellness.  We combine nutrition, behavioral change, and yoga/meditative practices.  Dr. Russell Kennedy is a wellness behavioral specialist and Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN is a board certified nutrition expert.

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What We Do

We sculpt a unique and individualized plan for our clients for successful results aiding in weight loss and overall wellness.  Our cloud based interface allows everyone, anywhere around the world to experience true connection with the Kennedys for long term success.

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What To Expect

At Wellness Guides we’re all about connection and relationships.  Dr. Russell Kennedy & Stacy use a team work approach for each client.  We help you implement change, provide lasting support that is flexible to your personal needs. Choose to connect with our LIVE Wellness Workshop or One-On-One Consultation.

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Meet Our Team

Wellness Guides began over 10 years ago as a collaboration between wellness behavioral specialist Dr. Russell Kennedy and his wife, nutrition expert Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN.  Their intent was to integrate their separate work of helping clients with weight loss, healthy eating and behavior change for living well.  The Kennedy team has worked together in hospital and education based settings, wellness camps and movie sets.

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In the Cloud. On the Ground.

Cloud based services to maintain constant connection is convenient and effective for your busy lifestyle.  Because we are a web based practice, we can meet you where you are at, anytime… anywhere.

Long Lasting Results

We’re with you for the long haul. Our integrated system of wellness clinicians and health coaches helps you achieve your goals, maintain and grow them.

Stay in the Know

Dr. Russell & Stacy Kennedy keep you up to date with all the current trends from the latest research.  The Kennedys cover everything from juicing and plant-based diets to meditation and food as addiction.

Expert Guidance

At Wellness Guides we recognize healthy living is complex.  Navigating this culture is difficult without proper guides.  Wellness is more than just healthy eating but healthy behaviors and healthy lifestyle that our team can help you achieve.

Individual & Group Programs

One on one attention, families, couples, co-workers and teams can all join the wellness journey with the the Kennedys as their guide.  A customized solution that works for you, your time, demands, priorities, situation, and goals.

Make Lifelong Connections

Life throws many challenges at us.  Having a relationship with our team can help you navigate life’s unexpected changes while maintaining your heard earned goals and healthy lifestyle.

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