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Who We Are


At Wellness Guides, we recognize healthy living is complex. Navigating this culture is difficult without proper guides.

Wellness is more than just healthy eating but healthy behaviors and healthy lifetsyle with that our team can help you achieve.

Wellness Guides began over 15 years ago as a collaboration between wellness behavioral specialist Dr. Russell Kennedy, and his wife, nutrition expert Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO, LDN. Their intent was to integrate the work they were doing separately with their clients, helping them with weight loss, healthy eating and behavior change for living well.

The Kennedys have worked together in hospital and education based settings, movie sets and wellness camps.

Coach Empowerment and Athlete Wellness

Dr. Russell Kennedy has over 30 years of experience coaching athletes and is a former NCAA Division 1 gymnast for Syracuse University.  His current sports practice includes a strong focus on helping athletes with mental blocks as well as assisting coaches in how to best motivate and work with their athletes who are struggling.

Contact Dr. Kennedy’s office for more information on how to schedule a session for your athlete, team or coaches.

We’re with you for the long haul.

Our integrated system of nutrition and behavior change science will help you to not only to achieve your goals but to maintain and continue to grow them for the long term to help you reach your wellness potential.

Having a collaborative team can make all the difference.


We practice health and wellness in our own lives, everyday. It’s our true passion!

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