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What We Do

Wellness Guides is a dynamic group of clinically trained professionals.

We value wellness in our everyday lives and work together as an integrative team unifying a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The Kennedys are here to help you integrate your very own personalized components of nutrition, behavioral change, and yoga/meditative practices into your everyday life. Dr. Russell & Stacy sculpt a unique and individualized plan for successful results aiding in weight loss and overall wellness. Our cloud based interface allows everyone, anywhere around the world to experience true connection with our wellness guides for long term success.

We’re all about connection and relationships.

We integrate different aspects of health and wellness, nutrition Services & behavioral change to individualize and create customizable plans that complement a healthy lifestyle.


Choose a One-on-One Consultation or join one of our LIVE Weight Loss Workshops where we help you create your own personalized plan.  Visit Let’s Get Started to learn more.

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The Kennedys use a TEAM work approach for each client.

We educate, counsel, help you implement change, provide lasting support that is flexible to your changing needs.

Our healthy eating plans are not a “diet.”  We craft a customized wellness plan that helps you meet your goals.

We all know how important nutrition and eating healthfully is for optimal wellness.  By blending together wellness behavioral change and nutrition science, we can help you craft a personalized plan for success that will actually work in your everyday life for long term success.  A wellness behavioral specialist recognizes the role of our brain and our mind during our wellness journey, rather than just our disease journey.  Emotions, thoughts,  behaviors and drive, all direct our wellness behaviors.

How it works

Dr. Russell and Stacy will connect with you in person but mostly through the internet (cloud base).  We find that using cloud-based services to maintain constant connection is convenient and effective for your busy lifestyle.

Because we are a web-based practice, we can meet you where you are at, anytime… anywhere.

Becoming a new client is designed to make an accurate assessment of your current lifestyle and hold your hand during the process for long term, successful weight management and healthy behavioral change.  This process provides a foundation to address the specific needs of each individual client.  This practice allows you to have more services when needed or even decrease when things are going well.

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See Dr. Russell, Stacy and their whole family in Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2!  FSND2 is number 3 on iTunes and now available on Netflix.

Recent Events!  Stacy spoke on Benefits of a Plant Based Diet at Boston’s Yankee Dental Conference last week and both Dr. Russell and Stacy will be teaching a course as adjunct faculty for William James College this Spring on Health Coaching and Wellness.

The Kennedys will be back at Camp Reboot this Summer with Joe Cross!  Learn more here.

Listen in to podcasts featuring Stacy & Dr. Russ on Juicing Radio’s feature segments Mental Juice & Ask the Nutritionists

Stacy is also joined by nutrition enthusiasts, Abigail HueberKristen DeAngelis, Natalie Lowell & Alicia Anskis.

Follow us on Twitter @DrRussKennedy & @StacyKennedyRD

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List of Services


LIVE Weight Loss Workshop

  • LIVE Weight Loss Workshop with experts Dr. Russell & Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD/LDN, CSO
  • Create your 100% customized nutrition & wellness plan.
  • Learn behavior strategies for long term success.
  • Plant based made simple and delicious.
  • $75
  • Multiple times to choose from but space is limited.
  • Visit Let’s Get Started to Sign Up


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One-on-One Consultations

Want to take the skills you built in our LIVE Weight Loss Workshop to the next level?

Have health conditions or other concerns that require more focused, individualized attention?

Dealing with “emotional eating” or “eating as coping”, or simply want a bit more hand holding through the wellness journey?

Visit Let’s Get Started to sign up for a One-on-One Consultation with Dr. Russell or Stacy Kennedy.


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Join Dr. Russell or Stacy Kennedy, for a 30 minute, LIVE & Online interactive experience focused on diving deeper into specialized topics that matter to you!

Mini-workshops are offered multiple times throughout the day for your convenience.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll get past all the media hype to separate fact from fiction on the latest nutrition, weight loss and wellness trends.

Upcoming workshops include: Fueling Your Athlete’s Engine, Emotions & Eating, Food Allergies & Sensitivities, Improving Motivation

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We make it easy for you.  Navigating the minefield of available vitamins and supplements to support your health can be stressful, frustrating and time consuming. Instead of spending hours on your own, trying to figure out what’s best for you, we’ve done all the work for you.

As experts in Integrative Nutrition, we have vetted and chosen products that are clean and free of contaminants or artificial ingredients, from trusted brands. Many of the items available in our store can only be sold by licensed health care providers.  We give you the security of knowing you’re getting a product that’s safe and the most likely to be effective.

Browse our store for vitamins, supplements and other wellness supporting products.